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Benvenuti nel nostr blog, dove trattiamo tutti gli argomenti relativi alla cura dei tessuti. Leggi i nostri ultimi articoli per imparare come prenderti cura degli indumenti che già riempiono il tuo armadio.

Steaming & Ironing /

Steaming vs. ironing: What’s the difference?

When you think about steaming a garment, the first fabrics that come to mind might be thin, flowy ones like silk. But did you know that you can also steam your puffer jackets?

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Remove hair and lint with our reusable Lint Brush

Looking for an alternative to the disposable sticky tape lint roller? Get rid of lint and hair from your clothes and furniture with our reusable Lint Brush.

Tessuti /

7 capi invernali che non sapevi di poter stirare a vapore

Quando pensi alla stiratura a vapore, i primi tesssuti che saltano alla mente sono quelli leggeri e morbidi come la seta, per esempio. Ma sapevi che puoi stirare a vapore anche i piumini?

Tessuti /

7 materiali caldi da indossare durante l'inverno

Scegliere i materiali giusti per il tuo guardaroba invernale è fondamentale per restare al caldo quando le temperature si abbassano. Ecco 7 diversi tessuti invernali che offrono comfort e isolamento.

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Beginner's guide: How to use a fabric shaver

Pilling is a natural process that will affect even the most luxurious fabrics. Remove these superficial signs of wear and tear with a fabric shaver.

Bucato /

How to choose the right laundry detergent

Different kinds of garments require different kinds of laundry detergents. We explain which detergents are suitable for each garment in your wardrobe.

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Come prendersi cura dei propri abiti delle feste

Con le festività invernali come Capodanno dietro l'angolo, è ora di rispolverare i vestiti di paillettes e gli abiti in seta che aggiungono un tocco di eleganza al tuo guardaroba.

Stiratura a vapore /

How to use a clothes steamer

Steaming is a simple and time-efficient alternative to ironing. This is an easily-digestible guide with everything you need to know about using a clothes steamer.

Bucato /

Wash right: The complete guide to doing laundry

Washing too often is a common reason why garments lose their beauty.  When you cannot avoid doing laundry any longer, the key is to wash right.

Stiratura a vapore /

How to choose the right handheld steamer

Having a hard time choosing the right handheld steamer? Here's what you need to know. Read our comparison between Cirrus 2 and Cirrus 3.

Stiratura a vapore /

Care advice for suits and jackets

Your guide to getting your party outfit ready for the coming season's festivities. Follow these easy tips and your outfit will be looking the part, all season long.

Pelucchi e lanugine / Stiratura a vapore /

7 clothing care routines to try this year

There are so many simple hacks and routines that can make your clothes last longer. Here are six easy clothing care routines that will prolong the life of your wardrobe.

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How to store your winter wardrobe

Store your winter and summer clothes when not in use and make use of your whole wardrobe. Here are our best tips on how to store your winter wardrobe.

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How to take care of your cashmere garments

Cashmere wool is one of the most luxurious fabrics, and if you only know how to properly take care of your cashmere garments, it is a worthwhile investment.

Air Dry String / Stiratura a vapore /

How to keep your clothes fresh when traveling

Packing smart isn’t just about choosing the right outfits for your trip. We’ve gathered all the travel accessories you need to keep your clothes fresh on the go.

Stiratura a vapore /

Handheld steamer or upright steamer?

Handheld steamers are ideal for traveling and upright steamers are better for steaming more garments at once. Here is everything you need to know.

Stiratura a vapore /

How to choose the right garment steamer

We want you to invest in a steamer that can become a lasting part of your everyday routine. Discover what kind of steamer best suits your needs.

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What’s for what? Beginner's guide to clothing care

Garment care is easy when you know the basics. We have put together a basic guide with everything you need to know about caring for the clothes you already own.

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How to take care of your silk garments

Silk is a luxurious and useful fabric, but you need to take care of it to make it last. Here is what you need to know about caring for your silk garments.

Stiratura a vapore /

Cirrus 3 Iron Steamer – a unique hybrid steamer

Want to create both a natural and a pressed look? Steamery's Cirrus 3 Iron Steamer combines the best qualities of a steamer and an iron.

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How to clean out and organize your closet

Follow these simple steps to clean out your closet. Find tranquility by freeing up space and making good use of the clothes you already own.

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4 great hacks for fresher home textiles

Did you know that a steamer works perfectly on curtains and tablecloths? Find some tips on how to take care of home textiles in order to spruce up your home.

Stiratura a vapore /

Water 101: Prolong the lifespan of your steamer

What water to use in your steamer depends on the area you live in and if you have access to hard or soft water. Read everything you need to know.

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How to recognize, avoid, and remove pilling

Is pilling a sign of poor quality? Should I return a new garment that has attracted pilling? A textile engineer answers the most common questions.